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rocketfic | never bluff a sucker

Title: Never Bluff a Sucker by Rocketchick
Rating: 15+ Pairing: Sam/Janet
Notes: A prequel to Jell-o Shots, by Jennghis Kahn.

"I think it's official," Sam said as she eyed the half-full tray of quivering shots. "We're old."

"Maybe you are," Janet replied, then sprawled backward on the couch, humming as she smiled at the ceiling. "I myself am borderline jailbait."

Sam squinted at the doctor. "And how many did of those you have?"

"Three. Four? No. Three." Janet said, then hiccuped. "Dunno. What color is my tongue?" She cheerfully stuck the appendage out at Sam, showing off the bright smears of artificial coloring.

"Lightweight jailbait," Sam muttered.

"Hey!" the brunette protested. She lobbed a pillow at Sam. "I cured three different alien viruses before lunch today, I'll have you know. I'm just a little tired."

"That doesn't excuse the rest of us," the other woman said with a sigh. She looked around at the bits of wrapping paper strewn on the floor, abandoned early in the evening by the other revelers.

A few of the other women attending the bachelorette party had had to get home to put their kids to bed. Others had duty early in the morning. Finally, it had just been Sam, Janet, and Marcy, who was the bride-to-be being initiated into the SGC's extended family. She'd begged off after just a few minutes alone with the other women, looking a little overwhelmed being in a room with the planet's braintrust.

Typical, thought Sam. She could try to be one of "the girls" for the evening, but she couldn't really disengage her own intellect. It wasn't really her fault that alcohol made her babble. Nor was it her fault that all she really had to babble about were the latest discoveries in particle physics. At least Janet always politely put up with her excited prattle... She sighed, and looked over at her friend, who was watching her through half-lidded eyes. "So. Ever think about getting married again?"

Janet grew serious for a moment. "No," she answered quietly. "I have everything I need right here."

"I think it'd be really hard, you know?" Sam rambled onward, not really hearing her friend's response. "I don't know that I could stand asking someone not to ask questions about what I do all day."

"And it wouldn't help that you're a really bad liar."

Sam pouted, and Janet chuckled at her.

"It makes perfect sense, Sam. The Stargate, Cassie, your dad... those are things that are really important about who you are. Of course you'd want to share them with someone you care about."

"It just kinda sucks that I've gotta check someone's security clearance before we go out for coffee," the blonde said, annoyed. "Not that I get all that many invitations anyway." She peered at Janet again, who was watching her carefully. "You don't get lonely or anything?"

The doctor smiled. "No. I have everything I need right here," she repeated, the words weighted with meaning.

It took a long moment for the import of that statement, as well as Janet's dark, intent gaze, to actually register in Sam's brain.

"Oh," Sam breathed. She swallowed, pretending it was the first time she'd noticed her friend's faint alcohol-induced flush, or the sweet, lazy smile that always made her heart skip a beat. She actually found herself leaning closer before catching herself with a jerk. "Oh," she repeated, more sharply. "I just... I never..." She cleared her throat. "I hadn't considered... I mean, not seriously, anyway..."

All through her confused babbling, Janet's smile only inched wider, growing ever more gently affectionate.

"Not that I'd object... especially given that we share all that secret stuff already anyway... And not that you're not... beautiful." Sam coughed, and rubbed her face self-consciously. "I'd just never really thought about... that. You know."

"Such a bad liar, Sam," Janet replied, her voice so low it nearly purred. She smirked a bit in satisfaction when she saw Sam's involuntary shiver.

The blonde stood abruptly. "I'll just clean this up, then. You probably don't want Cassie finding these in your fridge when she gets home tomorrow, huh?" she asked, as she gestured to the tray of shots. "Yeah. I'll take these back with me."

She made a token attempt to gather the bits of celebratory litter on the floor before giving up, grabbing the tray, muttering a cursory goodbye and hurrying out to her car.

Janet laughed to herself, hearing the mild panic in the slammed door as Sam fled her house. She closed her eyes and waited, and precisely four minutes later, she heard the door open again. Footsteps made a stop in the kitchen at the fridge, where presumably a half-consumed tray of jell-o shots was being safely stowed for the night. The quiet steps then padded back to the living room.

"I really shouldn't be driving right now," Sam admitted quietly.

"Nope," Janet agreed. Her eyes were still closed, but her smile was back in force.

"Didn't buy my bluff, huh?"

"Not for a second."

"I could have run screaming into the night, you know."

Janet shook her head. "Not your style."

Sam sat on the couch again, and watched as the doctor's eyes opened, and regarded her with a measure of nervousness tempering her artificially-flavored liquid courage.

"So maybe I have thought about it... a little," the blonde murmured.

"Really?" Janet asked, unable to hide her surprise. She looked relieved and just a little shaken that Sam hadn't run away screaming.

Sam sat back, her eyes wide in realization. "You were bluffing? Janet! I don't believe this!"

"You weren't supposed to take me seriously!"

"So the 'I have everything I need' thing? You were making that up?"

"N-no," Janet stammered. "I meant it."

At that, they lapsed into silence, looking at each other without trying to be obvious about it, in equal parts discomfited and intrigued by the admissions of the evening.

Finally, Sam took a deep breath. "Want another shot?" she asked.

"Please," Janet croaked in reply.

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