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Title: Still Better... by Rocketchick
Rating: 15+ Pairing: Sam/Janet
Notes: Continued fluff. Continued cherries.

It was a tragedy, really, that even the most amorous, passionate, and inevitably quite sticky plans could be derailed by something as excruciatingly ordinary as an allergy attack.

Sam, Janet, and Cassie returned home from the ice cream parlor and after bidding farewell to the otherwise-socially engaged teen the two women spent the remainder of the evening trading teasing comments and the occasional burning, hungry look. Each brush of skin against skin, each casual contact escalated the tension just a little bit further, all in anticipation of the payoff that was to come.

As soon as the sun dropped out of the sky, Janet began sneezing.

Not just any kind of sneezing, mind you, but the Fraiser Allergy Special: repeated, insistent, loud, explosive and painful sneezing that left the doctor wheezing in exhaustion after every bout.

Sam dutifully brought her lover drugs and tissues while Janet sat curled on a corner of the couch in the living room. She was smart enough not to admit it, but Janet was adorably bleary when her sinuses exploded, and always fundamentally pissed that something as trivial as pollen or dust could knock the polish off her carefully-maintained image.

There were times Sam wondered if Janet had taken the job deep within a mountain just after hearing about the air filtration system.

She gave a mental shrug, and figured their planned adventure with chocolate could wait until her lover could breathe freely again. Just then, Janet sniffled and hauled herself off the couch. "You get the fudge, I'll meet you upstairs." She swiped the back of her hand at her runny nose.

Sam gave her a dubious look. "Maybe we should wait..."

The doctor glared at her, refusing to let libido be defeated by the itching in her nasal passages. She turned and strolled up the stairs in clear invitation.

A few minutes later Janet was waiting in the bedroom, breathing with purpose through her mouth and trying not to trigger yet another sneezing fit. She gave Sam a little smirk as the blonde entered the room, carrying the now-steaming container of hot fudge as well as a few implements to assist with its application. The blonde paused by the nightstand to deposit the items then turned to her lover. "You're sure you're up to this?"

"Shut up, Sam," Janet muttered before pouncing on her, tackling her backward onto the bed with a growl.

Sam let herself be mauled, perfectly content to be the target for Janet's aroused energy. Hot lips descended on hers, and they tasted each other with rough tongues and shared breath.

Pollen count and hot fudge alike were forgotten in the tangle of roaming hands and impatient tugs at clothing. Janet tore her lips away from Sam's with a groan. "Get this shirt off," she growled, balling a fist in the loose fabric at Sam's waist.

The blonde rolled them both so that she was perched over the smaller woman. With a teasing smile she reared upright, kneeling in the center of the bed, watching Janet watching her as she pulled the shirt over her head and tossed it across the room. Next went her bra, leaving her exposed from the waist up.

Janet reached to pull her back down but Sam evaded her grasp with a little chiding noise. "Patience," she whispered. She leaned over slowly and tugged the brunette's shirt out of the waistband of her jeans and proceeded to unbutton it in precise, measured motions, letting one finger trace the flushed skin through the parted fabric. Finally the shirt was undone, and she pulled it open to lay bare the inviting flesh underneath.

She bent closer, brushing the faintest of kisses across a collarbone, then peeked back up at her lover's face. The brunette's expression was screwed up in what looked like an odd parody of rapture. Though a bit puzzled, Sam took it as encouragement and proceeded with her plans to taste every sweet inch of her lover's skin. God, who needed hot fudge, anyway?

Her teeth were grazing along the top curve of a very, very inviting breast when she heard a loud snuffle above her, followed by the distinctive noise of her lover blowing her nose. Right then she realized that the odd expression she'd seen on Janet's face was probably just the result of trying to restrain a sneeze. The inanity of the situation finally overcame Sam's restraint, and she burst into laughter.

Janet blinked down at the blonde head pillowed on her chest, which was shaking with hysterical giggles. She poked her lover in the shoulder. "Hey, what's so fun..." Her question was interrupted by the release of her pent-up sneeze, which only made Sam laugh harder.

The brunette groaned in allergy-induced misery, and slumped back against the headboard. "I'm glad I amuse you," she muttered.

Sam scooted up to be face to face with her lover. "Sorry, sweetheart." Her eyes sparkled, belying the total sincerity of the apology.

Janet stuffed a tissue up her nose. "Ab I a clown to you?" she asked, in a terrible, congested Goodfellas impression.

Sam lost it again, burying her face in Janet's shoulder as she laughed. This time the brunette joined in, conceding that their romantic plans were effectively tabled for the moment.

Eventually the blonde quieted, and she met her lover's puffy, bloodshot eyes with an expression of piquant devotion. "I love you, you know?"

"Yeah, I know," Janet answered. The fingers of one hand wandered up the soft bare skin of Sam's shoulder. She sniffled again, and gave her lover an apologetic look. "I was looking forward to this."

"Me too," Sam murmured, then shrugged with a look over at the cooling container of fudge on the nightstand. "That stuff'll keep."

"Probably would have stained," the doctor observed. She tried to fight the brewing pout but lost, and settled into half-naked, entirely-frustrated, and decidedly un-sticky dejection. She swiped at her stuffed nose with a tissue and let herself descend into full-blown grumpiness.

The blonde saw the shift in mood and studied her lover for a long moment, considering her as she would a complex equation of particle physics.

Like any couple who had been together as long as they had, they'd encountered their fair share of ridiculous sexual experiences. Sam had fallen asleep at the height of her lover's ardor on more than one occasion, and Janet was prone to violent cramps in the arch of her foot that forced her to fling the blonde bodily away from her so she could get up and walk laps around the bedroom to ease the spasming muscles.

Sam considered the rare follies signs of honest intimacy, something she'd never had in any previous relationship. There were no illusions to maintain, no false fronts; they were in this thing together despite each other's failings, faults, and occasional allergic fits.

But that didn't mean they couldn't strive to transcend that once in a while.

She reached out and captured one of Janet's hands to direct it over toward the nightstand, where she carefully submerged a single fingertip into the molten chocolate. The brunette blinked at her, watching as her own hand was steered quite out of her own control to Sam's waiting mouth, where a nimble tongue cleaned off the goo.

"Sam, what are you..." her breath caught in a small gasp as sharp teeth nipped at the sensitized digit.

"I'm loving you," came the whispered response. Sam's eyes were nearly violet as she locked them on to Janet's, fully retrieving her attention as their joined hands moved again to the hot fudge. This time four fingers returned sticky with the stuff.

"Tasting you," Sam added, diligently cleaning each fingertip once more. She shifted her body to lean again over the smaller woman's, tangling their legs together and savoring the friction as she bore the bulk of her own weight on strong arms.

"Devouring you," she growled at last, before pressing down against her lover to claim a hungry, searching kiss.

Breathing was no longer an issue as far as Janet was concerned, because oxygen deprivation was entirely too much fun... especially when Sam did that -- oh, and that -- with her very, very talented mouth.

"You don't have to look quite so smug," Janet muttered sometime later as her lover lay propped on her elbow beside her. She retrieved a cherry from the bowl on the nightstand and popped it in her mouth, stem included.

"Tell me that wasn't incredible," the blonde countered. "And it must have cured your allergies, too, 'cause I haven't heard you sneeze in almost an hour."

The doctor rolled her eyes. "Drugs, Sam. Remember? They just took a while to kick in." She concentrated for a few seconds, then poked the cherry stem back out of her mouth, tied in a neat knot right in the center. She met Sam's wide eyes with an embarrassed grin. "Party trick," she explained, and tossed the stem back on the nightstand. The blonde was still staring at her, awe and wonder evident in her gaze. "Oh, stop it. You look like I just bought you your own spaceship."

The cooling burn between them flared to life once more. "And you say I have a nimble tongue," Sam murmured. "Teach me how to do that."

Janet arched an eyebrow at her. "I don't know that it can be taught, per se."

"Teach me," the blonde said again. She grabbed a cherry and dangled it in the small space where their breath mingled. "Please."

"It might require some in-depth study," the doctor said, then leaned forward to snag the fruit with her teeth.

"God, I hope so," Sam groaned.

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