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Title: Star Struck One by Rocketchick
Rating: 15+ Pairing: Olivia/Natalia
Notes: A small, speculative scene set a couple weeks after the wedding and Everything Else. The title is from a song by the Smoking Popes.

"Would you like to go to dinner?"

Natalia spared a brief glance from her laptop. "Can't the kitchen bring something up?" If she'd looked longer, she would have noticed Olivia was fidgeting. If she'd looked longer, she would have found it quite endearing. She quickly returned her eyes to her email.

"I was thinking about going out," Olivia was saying.

"Oh, okay. Get me one of whatever you're getting."

"I was thinking about going out. With you."

Finally, it sunk in, derailing Natalia in the middle of a pithy, strongly-worded email to a lackadaisical vendor. She looked up at Olivia, taking in the nervous wandering at her fingertips, and her self-conscious posture. "Like, on a date?" she asked.

She might have squeaked, just a little.

"Forget it," Olivia muttered. She spun and ducked out of the office.

Natalia said a quick prayer and made an even quicker decision. "I'd love to," she called after Olivia, smiling when her friend's head popped back into the doorway.



Olivia looked surprised, and maybe just the slightest bit smug. "Okay. Ten minutes?"


After Olivia left again, Natalia flew through her remaining tasks, almost vibrating with nervous anticipation.

All in all, that vendor got off easy.

"People are going to notice, you know. They're gonna talk," Olivia said when she returned precisely nine and a half minutes later. She was sure the small town rumor mill had been working overtime since the Wedding That Wasn't, and she knew that was going to bother them both more than it should.

"I know," Natalia said. She stood, closed her laptop, then smoothed out the lines of her suit in tiny, anxious motions. "I'm trying really hard not to think about that part. I might need to borrow some of your attitude to get through it."

Olivia snorted. "Well, I've got plenty to spare. All of it bad."

Natalia's brain helpfully conjured recollections of her friend at her most confident, her most brazen, her most defiant. And usually it was on Natalia's own behalf. "Not all of it," she said, letting a slow smile split her face.

Olivia filed that notion - and that smile - away for later contemplation, and grabbed Natalia's coat from its hook. After a moment's debate, she held it up by the collar to allow Natalia to slip into it.

It was an unusually solicitous gesture. Natalia eyed her in confusion, and for long seconds they had a silent conversation carried on mostly with their eyebrows.

Natalia's were furrowed. What's this all about?

Olivia's eyebrow quirked in her wry, trademark way. Hell if I know. Chivalry, or something.

It's... different, said the hesitant expression on Natalia's face, even as she stepped closer and turned to lift her arm into a sleeve.

Olivia only rolled her eyes and jiggled the garment a bit. Get over it and put on the damned coat already.

A couple minutes later they were bundled up and shuffling into the elevator. Olivia turned and lifted her hand to touch the bright blue scarf tucked neatly around Natalia's neck. "This color looks good on you," she said softly.

The gentle sweetness of that voice hit Natalia right in the gut, and all of a sudden the fledgling "thing" between them wasn't awkward or weird or confusing. It was real, and it took her breath away. "Thank you," she whispered, charmed when Olivia's gaze darted up to meet her own, and they shared a shy smile.

She couldn't stop staring at the sparkle in Olivia's eyes, the way her hair fell across her forehead, her lips... God. She felt a sudden wash of regret that she'd ever thought she could grow out of this feeling, that she ever thought she could feel a fraction of it for Frank. Olivia was intoxicating.

Natalia found herself leaning closer, found her hands hovering and seeking... something.

The elevator discharged an officious ding, breaking the moment. When the doors slid open, the normal bustle of the hotel lobby poured in around them, thick with travelers arriving for a weekend conference, none of whom had time for the best friends currently making eyes at each other in the elevator.

Olivia smiled and cocked her head toward the door, indicating the other woman could go ahead.

Instead, Natalia surprised them both by grabbing Olivia's hand, firmly intertwining their fingers, and tugging her friend along so that they could walk out side by side.

The staff probably noticed. They probably pointed and gossiped and tittered. It didn't matter.

The crowd parted before them as they swept through the lobby and into the night, together.

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