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Title: Something More by Rocketchick
Rating: ADULT Pairing: Sam/Janet
Notes: Season 8, Moebius, A/U, missing bits.

"Ever get the feeling you were destined for something more?"

Sam frowned, tugging her fingers through her lover's hair as it splayed across her chest. "More than what?"

"Than this," Janet said expansively, gesturing to their teeny townhouse bedroom.

The blonde looked around, looked back down at the woman tucked against her, and shrugged. "This is pretty okay to me."

"Your life - this life - is exactly what you hoped for?"

"Daddy always said, 'Life is what you make of it,'" Sam replied.

Janet sighed, having heard the aphorism one too many times. "You deserve more. You're ten times smarter than every guy you work for, even if they'll never know it."

"It's..." Sam frowned and fumbled for the words. "This is just what I have in life, Janet. It's decent. I'm happy. And at the end of the day I get to come home to you. Lots of people don't have that much."

It was a sweet thing to say. Janet regarded her lover, a woman who had taken exactly one risk in her life, and only to be with her. Something that sweet deserved a reward. A devilish look crossed her face as she shifted against Sam, tugging her loose sleepshirt out of the way so she could nip at pale skin.

Sam inhaled sharply, and her belly contracted against Janet's burning touch as the brunette slid lower, eventually pressing her lips to moist heat.

For long minutes, her tongue teased, stroking Sam closer and closer to release. The blonde flexed, waiting for the wash of satisfaction to roar over her...

... she tensed...

... she scowled at the ceiling, willing herself to relax and give in...

... she tensed again...

... her back arched as she pushed herself ever closer to completion...

... she slumped against the bed in frustration.

Janet eyed the bedside clock, and finally pulled away from her lover's center with a sigh. "Not happening today?"

"Not so much," Sam admitted with a grimace. "Sorry."

"'Sokay. Next time, sweetheart." She patted Sam's thigh and slid off the bed.

"I'm going to tell Hershfield what I think of him. Today. I swear."

Janet sighed. "Yeah, I know. Just like every day." She hadn't really meant it to sound as biting as it did.

Sam watched the smaller woman start to retrieve her clothing from the floor, then slapped her hands against the wrinkled sheets. "Not all of us were born to be superheroes, you know."

"No, but some of us wouldn't have minded having the chance," the brunette countered, irritated. She turned in small circles, scowling at the disarray of their bedroom. "Where the hell are my glasses?"

"On the dresser," Sam murmured, watching Janet stomp across the room and hike to her tiptoes to retrieve her eyewear from the tall shelf. "I really am going to tell him. I promise."

Like every morning, Janet smiled once her lover was in focus again. "I know, sweetheart. Go get him."

Like every morning, when her lover looked at her like that, for a split second Sam was sure she was capable of absolutely anything. She sighed and gave Janet an adoring, tremulous look.

Janet stepped over to the bed and leaned over the other woman's length, grinning confidently. "You'll always be my hero, Sam. No matter what. But I know you're destined for more than this." She kissed the tip of Sam's nose, then headed off to take a quick shower before her class at the local community college.

It was the last time Sam ever saw her alive. When she got to the scene of the accident later that morning, Janet's car had actually been in pieces, broken and charred on the side of the road.

Sam didn't remember how she'd reacted, exactly, but she knew she'd fallen apart. Time seemed to just go dark until a few days later, when suddenly she found herself at Janet's graveside, trying to deliver a eulogy.

Time remained dim for another year or so until the Air Force came to see her, then took her to the Stargate to show her something more.

Sam looked around the pond, then tugged idly at her line as it dangled in the water. The guys sprawled around her, in various degrees of manly bliss. Cassie sat off to one side, spreading liberal amounts of sunblock across her face and occasionally regarding them all with her patented "Earthlings are so weird" expression.

This place, these people... it was perfect. She was home. According to videotaped evidence, she'd wandered the sands of an ancient time, saved the world, and had returned unscathed.

Still, she found herself wanting something more.

"Want a beer?"

Sam turned and squinted up at the form casting a blessedly welcome shadow across her. "Sure, thanks."

"Hey! Did you bring enough for the whole class, young lady?" Jack whined.

"Nope," Janet informed him cheerfully. "Bite me, sir." She smirked and took a pull from her own bottle, watching the ripples of activity in the water before them.

Sam dropped her fishing pole, ignored the squawk of protest from her superior officer, and cracked open her drink. This, she corrected herself idly, was perfect. No question.

Still... She shifted a bit in the canvas lawnchair. There was something else she wanted.

After a few minutes, Janet's hand came to rest on her shoulder, offering a friendly squeeze.

Ah. That was it.


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