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rocketfic | plausible deniability

Title: Plausible Deniability by Rocketchick
Rating: 15+ Pairing: Sam/Janet
Notes: Set after "Wormhole X-treme."

"Well? What do you think?"

"I'm not done yet."

"Oh." Sam slouched in her seat and tried not to fidget. Her patience lasted precisely twelve more seconds. "Well?" Dark eyes flashed at her in warning, but Janet didn't say anything further.

Finally, the doctor finished her reading, and shut the laptop. "Well," she began thoughtfully. "Do you want my professional opinion?"

Sam nodded.

"It's not anatomically possible."


"I think they need to recheck their math on all those limbs. And what kind of word is 'frisson,' anyway?"

"It's a pleasurable shiver," Sam answered. Janet's eyebrows arched in obvious amusement, and the blonde squirmed. "I looked it up."

"Ah," the doctor said. She folded her hands primly on her desk. "Well, remind me to run far away from you the next time you utter the words, 'Hey Janet, come see what I found on the internet.'"

"This doesn't bother you?"


"We're sleeping together!" Sam cried, flinging a hand toward the laptop. Realizing what she'd just said, and the volume at which she'd said it, she flushed deeply, and slid even further down in her chair.

Janet restrained a smile. "Our fictional counterparts have a relationship interpreted by some oddballs on the internet as... intimate." She shrugged. "Okay."

"And that doesn't bother you."

"Not particularly," the doctor answered. She eyed her friend with unabashed curiosity. "Does it bother you?"

"No!" Sam said quickly. "I mean, yes. Sort of. People could get the wrong idea."

A slow, almost predatory grin split Janet's face. "Or the right one."


The doctor chuckled. "Come on, Sam. So what if some nutjobs out there see two women on TV raising a child together, and they read a little too much into how..." She paused, lifted the lid of the laptop, and read off the screen. "'...their gazes spoke volumes no one else in the room was meant to hear?'" She winced. "God. That's awful. There are whole archives of this stuff?"

"You should have seen the Wormy Awards," Sam said, her voice weak with horror.

"Well, I just don't think this is a big deal. 'Plausible deniability,' right?"

The blonde took a deep breath, steadied as always by her friend's confidence. "Right."

Meanwhile, Janet's attention was fixed on another link on the page. When she clicked it, her eyebrows shot up again. "Ohhh. You didn't tell me there was artwork, too."

Sam leapt across the desk and smacked the laptop shut, pulling it from the doctor's grasp. "You are no help at all," the blonde declared, exasperated, as she turned to flee the office. She made it to the door before Janet called her name, and had to take a moment to convince herself to turn back around.

Janet had tilted her chin downward, and was peering up at Sam through thick lashes. Her expression was intense, warm, and profoundly intimate. "Hey. Do you hear my gaze saying anything?" she asked with a faint smile.

"Volumes," Sam answered faithfully, smiling back.

"Do me a favor?" the doctor asked. Her voice was low, pitched in the way that Sam could never, ever refuse.


"Stop on your way home and get some ink for your printer? I want to get a better look at some of those pictures."

The last thing Sam heard as she stomped out of the office was her lover's delighted laugh.

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