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Title: Better Than Broom Closets by Rocketchick
Rating: ADULT Pairing: Sam/Janet
Notes: This way lies adult-type prurient activities. Careful, kiddies.

Janet strode briskly down the gray hallway in the SGC, already running late for a briefing when a hand shot out of a doorway, pulled her inside, and slammed the door shut. She made a little yelp of alarm, but her assailant smacked a hand across her mouth.

The doctor tensed, ready to lash out with her fledgling hand-to-hand training to subdue the attacker. As if sensing her resistance, strong arms wrapped around her torso, holding her secure and still. She struggled momentarily until an animalistic growl sounded low in warning next to her ear.

As far as she could tell she was in a janitor's closet. It was dark except for the ever-present red emergency bulb above the door. It provided little actual illumination, mostly just enough to magnify the peril of the situation and accelerate Janet's pulse until it was hammering painfully in her head.

The arms holding Janet shifted, spinning her and pushing her against a bare wall. Then a body pressed against her, hard lips crushed against hers, while hands tore at her clothes. Bits of uniform were cast off into the reddish dark by nimble fingers, and after a bit of frantic combined scrabbling, the top buttons of her shirt were undone.

Another growl warned Janet before her shirt was ripped over her shoulders and pulled down her arms, exposing her chest and effectively binding her wrists at her side. Sharp teeth closed on her skin, nipping and dragging along the sensitized flesh. She tilted her head backwards against the unforgiving concrete of the wall and gasped.

It was a victory, and her assailant knew it. Breath tickled her skin from a silent chuckle. Then, slowly, the relentless attentions of that very busy mouth shifted upward again. When their lips came together Janet pressed upward, dueling for dominance.

They broke apart with a mutual groan. Janet felt a hand tug the hem of her skirt upward, bunching it around her hips. She whimpered in protest, but the other strong hand clapped across her mouth again, enforcing silence.

She screwed her eyes shut and focused on breathing, trying not to tremble too much as the sensations of delicate fingers and cool recycled air flowed across her flushed skin. Her entire body was tingling, and when the heel of a palm pressed suddenly into her center, she jerked in surprise, accidentally sinking her teeth into the hand over her face.

The larger body retreated with a grunt, leaving her half naked and chilled. Janet opened her eyes again and sought out her attacker's face. In the faint red light two eyes peered back at her, glinting with barely restrained desire.

"I'm sorry," Janet breathed.

A low snarl hit her ears just before she was forced hard against the wall by a hot, driving impact. No quarter was given this time as lips and teeth attacked her throat, and large hands roamed her skin. One slipped under the bottom edge of her bra, pressing into her breast and scraping against her nipple.

Janet hissed at the sensation, then had to bite her lip when the other hand finally dug in between various layers of clothing and with little preamble pushed two fingers deep inside her. Her arms strained at the confinement of her tangled shirt. She wanted to reach out, to hold onto something for balance, to gain a little leverage so she could thrust against the pressure within her.

She had no such control. Teeth scored her collarbone, marking her. Fingers dug into her flesh with force enough to bruise, and still the relentless drive continued.

Finally she managed to plant one foot against the floor and angle it between her attacker's legs. The thrusting hesitated only for a second before resuming, now pressed even closer as they sought mutual satisfaction.

Janet nearly slammed her head into the wall when she climaxed. She clenched her teeth to keep from crying out, instead only releasing a few tortured moans of pleasure. Another few frantic thrusts and her assailant's body clenched around her, consumed in rapture as well.

When the trembling finally stopped, the larger body fell away and sprawled on the floor.

The doctor slid down the wall and collapsed in a sweaty heap.

"Jesus, Sam," Janet could do little more than pant.

Sam reached over her head to flick the lightswitch, and winced as the fluorescent bulb in the ceiling flickered to life. She panted out a breathless chuckle. "Hey, you're the one who wanted to try 'Innocent Young Air Force Doctor Meets One of the Touched.'"

"I didn't think you'd take me seriously," the doctor countered. She dug a hand into her hair, rubbing her head as if to check and see if the top really had blown off like she suspected. "Jesus."

The blonde licked her fingers daintily, more than a little proud of herself. It was a rare event that left Janet less than her normally verbose self.

"And on base? Are you insane?!" the brunette demanded. She was still trying to arrange herself in a mildly dignified way, and she spent a few baleful seconds tallying the damage to her uniform.

Sam took in her lover's rumpled hair, twisted skirt, and bare feet. Her face split in a slow, sexy grin. "Mm. It was fun, though."

"I'm late for a briefing!" Janet exclaimed in sudden revelation. She pulled her shirt back over her shoulders and tried to locate her shoes.

"No you're not. Hammond moved it to this afternoon."

"Really?" The doctor blinked, and peered at Sam blearily.

"Yup. He sent me down to tell you about it."

"Oh." Janet settled dazedly back against the wall, and regarded her lover. She felt the sexual fog lifting from her brain as her breathing returned to normal, and she chuckled. "Okay. That was fun."

Her lover flashed a triumphant grin. "Toldya."

"Did I break skin?" Janet asked, tilting her head to indicate Sam's hand.

"No," Sam lied quickly. "It's fine."

Brown eyes narrowed. "Let me see it."

The blonde sighed and lifted her hand for Janet's inspection. The small tear she'd inadvertently rendered with her teeth was hardly bleeding, but already an odd-looking bruise bloomed around it. "It's not that bad," Sam muttered dismissively.

Janet had to agree, but was caught off-guard by the obvious lingering scent of herself on her lover's fingers. Her eyes went nearly black as she looked at Sam with the stirrings of renewed lust.

"I brought you a fresh uniform," the blonde said, pointing over her shoulder. Her eyes went wide as Janet shifted and crawled over her legs, radiating seductive heat.

"Did you bring a spare for you, too?" the doctor purred.

"Uh, no?" Sam almost squeaked in surprise.

Janet smirked, and started working on her lover's belt. "Ah. Well, we'll improvise, then."

"Improvise?" Her eyes mirrored the look of mischievous heat on the doctor's face.

"Mmhmm. 'Innocent Young Air Force Doctor Repays The Brave Captain Who Saved Her.'"

"Again?" Sam chuckled, and pulled her lover closer for a kiss. "You need new material, Janet."

The doctor tugged Sam's pants open with a leer. "Hey. There's nothing wrong with the classics."

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