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Title: Better Than BDUs by Rocketchick
Rating: 15+ Pairing: Sam/Janet
Notes: Set sometime in season six.

Sam unbuttoned her blue uniform jacket as she sat down next to Janet in the commissary. "Hey, you," she murmured.

The doctor gave her a smile. "Good morning. Ready for your briefing?"

The blonde kicked off her heels discreetly under the table. "Yeah. I just always forget how uncomfortable this uniform is."

Janet eyed her from over the rim of her coffee cup. "That's too bad, 'cause you sure make it look good."

Sam grinned back, enjoying the sparkle in her lover's gaze.

"Major Carter?"

Sam quickly swallowed her mouthful of coffee and looked up at the man addressing her. "Yes?"

"I'm Major Matt Flannery," the man said with a bright smile. "The Pentagon has assigned me to oversee the project concerning P7X-943. I'm here for your briefing today."

She took in his uniform. "Army, huh? That's new."

"Well, I did postgrad work in biochemistry. They think I'll be able to translate whatever you folks find out into english for the poor politicians who keep sending money here."

She nodded and kept eating, but noticed that the drab of his figure didn't leave her peripheral vision. She looked back up at Flannery curiously.

"Would you mind if I joined you? I've heard a great deal about your work, and would like to know more."

The blonde glanced at Janet, who shrugged. Sam gestured to the empty chair across from her. "Knock yourself out." Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Janet scoot closer, deliberately taking up a bit of extra space at the table.

He sat eagerly, and dug into his breakfast. "One thing I'll say for the Air Force," the Army major said brightly, raising his mug in a toast, "You guys make great coffee."

Sam lifted her own mug with a half-hearted smile, and took a sip. Flannery slurped his coffee noisily.

He leaned a bit closer to Sam, peering at her with a look Janet decided was supposed to be charming, but came across as almost predatory.

"So, Major," he murmured. "I'm new to the area... Maybe sometime you could show me around?"

Sam blinked at him, realizing belatedly that he was hitting on her. She risked a quick look at Janet, whose temper was rapidly accelerating from simmer to rolling boil. "Uh... I'm sure someone else would be a better tour guide," Sam demurred. "I don't get out of the mountain much."

"Then maybe we could go exploring together?" he replied, undaunted. "I bet the mountains are great for stargazing."

She and Janet had both opened their mouths to answer, but was spared by Colonel O'Neill suddenly arriving and clapping a hand on Flannery's shoulder. "Hey, Flannery," he said jovially. "Enjoying your stay at Cheyenne Mountain so far?"

The other man looked up, not quite succeeding at masking his disappointment at the interruption. "Yes, sir. Thank you, sir."

"It's a little gray down here, but you get used to it," the colonel continued blithely. "My friend Teal'c -- have you met Teal'c?" He hooked his thumb over his shoulder to indicate the large man behind him. "He has this thing about candles, really livens the place up." The Jaffa inclined his head.

"I'm sure it does, Colonel," Flannery said noncommittally.

"In fact, Teal'c and I were just gonna go practice some Jaffa martial arts. Wanna come?"

The Army major released a minute sigh, recognizing the order implicit in the colonel's casual tone. "Absolutely, sir."

"Great! Let's go!" O'Neill threw a hand out toward the door, and Flannery stood to follow Teal'c out of the commissary. After the major passed him, the colonel looked back at Sam and Janet with a sunny grin. "Carry on, Majors."

After the official briefing was over, Sam was more than happy to sneak off base early. Her lover was already home, puttering around the kitchen to make dinner. Unfortunately Sam's arrival put a bit of a crimp in Janet's plans, as the blonde somehow managed to be perpetually in the way.

Finally, after they did a little dance around the pot of water Janet was carrying to the stovetop, the doctor grabbed Sam and tugged her away from the counter. "Sweetheart, I love you, but you need to get out of my kitchen," Janet growled, giving her lover a little shove toward the dining room.

"Sorry," muttered the chastened blonde.

Janet had to stifle a laugh at the utterly crestfallen look on her face. "Just let me finish, okay?"

The blonde stood in the doorway of the kitchen, her arms folded rather petulantly. She watched Janet work in silence for a few minutes. "He didn't stand a chance, you know," she muttered. "That Major Whats-His-Face guy," she continued, for clarification.

Janet paused in her vegetable cutting, and set down the kitchen knife slowly. There was a quaver in Sam's voice she'd never heard before, and somehow it made her heart start to race. She looked up at her lover and raised her eyebrows in question.

Now the blonde was fidgeting, pacing agitatedly around the small space in the kitchen. "I just want you to know that," she said. The words were falling out of her mouth in a rush.

"I know that," Janet murmured.

Sam appeared not to hear her. She stopped pacing and dragged a trembling hand through her hair. "And just because we can't file taxes together, I want you to know that doesn't mean I'm somehow not totally committed to you."

The brunette smiled a bit as she picked her way through the somewhat convoluted sentence. "Okay."

Sam absorbed the brief answer with a small frown. "I'm screwing this up."

A giddy sensation in Janet's stomach made it perfectly clear what she thought "this" referred to, but she kept quiet, letting Sam find the words she was seeking.

"We've never talked about, uh, long-term stuff," the blonde stammered finally. "Have you thought about it at all?"

"What, filing taxes together?" Janet asked, as her natural tendency toward sarcasm neatly covered her sudden nervousness.

Sam blew out an exasperated breath. "No, that's not what I meant."

"You can probably claim Cassie as a dependent, if you want," the doctor continued with a smile. She abandoned her food preparation for the time being and took small steps toward her lover, who looked distinctly cornered.

Blue eyes fluttered closed. "Dammit, Janet. You're not making this easy."

Janet relented, feeling guilty for teasing her lover when she was obviously as nervous as a cat in the rain. "Sam," she murmured, waiting until her eyes opened and focused on her again. "I swear to you, today and every day until I die, that I love you, and that everything I am, everything I have, is yours."

Sam just blinked at her, forgetting even to breathe.

"That long term enough for you?" Janet joked, forcing a smile even as her voice cracked a bit.

The blonde surged forward, capturing her lover's face in her hands before kissing her in a fevered rush. She was taller than usual in her uniform heels, and Janet broke off with a small laugh when her neck bent upward to a painful degree. She pushed Sam backward a few steps until her lover's knees hit the edge of one of the kitchen chairs. "Get down here so we can do this properly," Janet growled.

"So that's a yes?" Sam whispered as she sat.

"To the proposal you started and I finished?" the brunette asked with a chuckle. "Yes, Sam. It's always been 'yes.'"

Sam grinned and reached for her lover again, pulling her close for another heated kiss.

"You're fraternizing in uniform, Major," Janet teased.

"Then you'll have to get me out of it, Major."

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