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Title: Another First Kiss by Rocketchick
Rating: 15+ Pairing: Olivia/Natalia
Notes: A pile of fluff in response to the question, "will these two ever be allowed to kiss again???" No spoilers here, but let's optimistically place it a few weeks after the non-wedding. The title is from a song by They Might Be Giants.

She was pretending to work on her laptop at the kitchen table, killing time until Natalia got home. When she heard the bustle of her arrival in the front room, Olivia straightened, quit her game of solitaire, and put on her best "I'm really quite busy and totally wasn't just waiting for you" look.

"Hi," Natalia said, as she clomped into the kitchen. "Sorry I'm late. I had to stop on the way home."

Olivia eyed the bags the other woman was carrying. "You went by Staples? Get anything good?"

Natalia grinned in the way that reminded Olivia that they knew entirely too much about each other.

"Not that... I care. About Staples," Olivia stammered, reverting to her very busy, very disaffected attitude.

"Don't worry. No one will ever know about your secret office supply fetish," Natalia said with a chuckle. She set the bags on the table and stripped off her coat.

"That's because I don't have a secret office supply fetish," Olivia scoffed. A moment later, she peered over the edge of the bag. "Are those gel rollerball pens?"


"Point-five millimeter?"

"Mmmmhmm." Natalia pulled the package out of the bag and dangled it in the air.

Olivia resisted for exactly two seconds before reaching out with grabby hands. "Gimme."

Instead of handing over the rollerball goodies, Natalia leaned down and captured Olivia's lips in a soft, affectionate kiss. It caught them both by surprise, but not enough to shorten the contact. Those same grabby hands were tangled in Natalia's hair by the time they separated.

"Huh," Olivia blurted.

Natalia smiled and dropped the package on the table. "You're too cute, sometimes." She grabbed the shopping bag and crossed the kitchen to put her purchases away.

It took her several seconds to recover, but eventually Olivia stood and followed. "Okay, see, that didn't go according to plan."

"What? How?" Natalia paused with a frown. "Why?" she asked slowly, not even sure what questions she was supposed to be asking.

"That kiss. Right there. That was unacceptable."

Natalia blinked and raised her fingers to her lips. "Why? Do I..."

"No! No, no, no!" Olivia jumped forward and waved off her insecurity. "No, that was... It was a good kiss." She reflected dreamily for a moment. "Great, actually. It just wasn't how I wanted our first kiss to go."

"But that wasn't our first kiss."

Olivia blew out a dismissive noise. "Well, that other one didn't count."

"Oh." Apparently there were rules to such things Natalia wasn't yet privy to. "So, how did you want it to go?"

"I don't know. I wanted it to be more... momentous. Perfect. Natalia, I haven't even flossed today."

"I'm not that high maintenance."

"I am."

It was no casual admission. Natalia stifled a grin, and bumped a hip against the edge of the counter. "Okay."

She sighed and gave Natalia a shy look from under her eyelashes. "It's just... You deserve everything to be special, and memorable, and amazing."

If Olivia Spencer didn't have a secret office supply fetish, she most certainly did not have an adorably sentimental streak that made Natalia's entire heart ache. She took a deep breath to ward off happy tears, and shrugged. "So? We'll call a do-over. We've already got one unofficial first kiss, so what does another one hurt?"

Olivia scowled. "A do-over."


"We can do that?"

Natalia nodded, and gave her a slow smile. "I think we can do anything we want."

"Okay. See, this? This is why I love you." Olivia stepped forward, raised her hands to cradle Natalia's face, then stopped herself. "Nope. Still not right," she muttered, and pointed over her shoulder. "I'm gonna go."

Natalia watched her leave, laughing when Olivia backtracked to snag her new package of pens.

Two days later, while Natalia was making Emma's lunch, she found herself spun around and pushed backward against the counter, as hungry lips slanted over hers with heated intent. She inhaled sharply and wrapped her arms around Olivia's neck in response, careful not to do any damage with the knife and open jar of peanut butter she was still holding.

They broke apart long moments later, panting at each other as they tilted their foreheads together.

"That didn't count either," Olivia breathed. She turned and beat a hasty retreat from the kitchen.

Natalia grinned, dabbed at the faint sheen of sweat on her forehead with the back of her wrist, and returned to her task.

It had been one of those long, exasperating days at the Beacon that left them both strung out and annoyed. Oddly, those kinds of days also managed to draw them closer together, reinforcing their sense of mutual reliance and trust. They really were the best kind of team, and when they were side by side there was nothing they couldn't conquer.

So in the elevator, on the long ride down to the lobby, they turned into each other and embraced without conscious thought.

"You're amazing, you know?" Olivia rasped. She reached up to tug her fingers through Natalia's dark hair.

"You inspire me," Natalia replied. "I love you." She watched Olivia's eyes flutter shut, and leaned up to bump their noses together. "So how about now? Would this count?" she whispered.

"Our first kiss can't be interrupted by a..." Olivia lifted her eyes as the elevator beeped twice. "By that." She shrugged and pulled away as the doors parted. "Sorry."

Natalia spread her hands wide in frustration as she watched Olivia slip out into the lobby. "Are you going to write all these rules down somewhere?" she called after the other woman. "Maybe with all those pens you're hoarding?!" She stomped out of the elevator and belatedly noticed half the staff standing nearby, all watching her. She plastered on a casual smile. "She doesn't actually hoard pens. That would be weird. Right?"

No one answered. With a sigh she ducked her head and followed her boss outside.

Finally, they found themselves alone together on a Saturday evening, free of work, interruptions, and responsibility. Emma was staying the night at a friend's house, and the two women were enjoying a pleasant walk through the nearby woods.

At least, Natalia was enjoying it.

"Stupid weather," Olivia muttered.

"It's fine," Natalia said with a faint laugh. "It's a beautiful spring evening."

"It's a full moon, but you can't tell because of the clouds."

"So?" She watched Olivia glower, and canted her head to one side. "Oh, please. Would you just accept that there's no such thing as a perfect moment?"

Olivia pouted and kept walking.

"All we ever need is us, Olivia," Natalia said, as she trailed a few steps behind. "And believe me, I love that you want this to be special, and it will be, because I'm here with you."

Olivia wasn't about to give in that easily. She stopped and threw her hands toward the heavens. "Oh, come on!" she cried.

In an instant the clouds parted, bathing the woods around them in dazzling moonlight. Natalia drew to a halt and looked up in awe, exhaling misty breath into the air, then looked back at Olivia.

Olivia could only stand there, taking it all in. Her heart hammered as the gossamer light drenched Natalia's features. "See? Perfect," she whispered.

"How did you do that?" Natalia asked, shaking her head. She shuffled closer, meeting Olivia halfway.

With a half-smirk, Olivia cocked her head upward. "I think I had help." She traced Natalia's cheek with light fingertips and smiled down at her deep, dark eyes. "I had to have help," she continued with a chuckle. "Otherwise I'd never be here with you."

Natalia's breath fled her lungs in a rush, and rather than reply she simply pressed forward until their lips met. She felt Olivia's smile against her own, felt the bloom of warmth between them under a moonlit benediction.

"Okay, you were right. That was pretty perfect," Natalia said sometime later, still snugly within the circle of Olivia's arms.

"I don't know," Olivia said, arching a skeptical eyebrow. "I might need another do-over."

"Predictable," Natalia accused with a chuckle, as she leaned back in to taste her lips for the first time, again and again.

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